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No two photos are the same, and neither are the events.

Each event is unique, as is each client. Everyone has different needs and expectations. There are no prices listed because I don't believe in selling you a package. Of course you will still receive the same type of discount as if you did purchase a 'package'. Except the 'package' was created just for you and just for your event.

There are some things that I believe you should look for in a photographer, even if you don't choose me. Different Events have different characteristics, many of which overlap.

Is every Photographer the right photographer for you? No. Is every man/woman the right man/woman for you? Of course not, anyone who tells you different is setting both of you up for disappointment.

The most important think to remember is: Hiring a photographer is much more then just a business contract. It's a relationship. You'll be working together some time, almost a year in the case of weddings. How you get along and communicate will ultimately affect what the final result will be.

Next you should focus on the vision. Does your vision of the final product fit with the vision of the photographer? The vision should include style of photography, location, editing, and of course the final product. The more you express what you would like, the easier it will be to incorporate your vision into that of the photographer. The final product: Would you buy a new car that was not assembled? One that you would have to go out and buy a 'body' for and then try and put it all together? Would it look as good as the car in the showroom? How about 2 years down the road? I doubt most people would choose this option. Most people want to pick up the car and enjoy it. They want show to their friends or take it for a cruise.

Photography is no different. You should get s final product, a finished print, album or canvas. Not just a 'CD' filled with thousands of images for you get 'printed' and placed in an album that you found. Your photographer should print your images. Most photographers use premium inks and papers. Many which can last over a hundred years.

More and more people also want their images in a digital format. And there is no reason not to get digital images, but digital should not be the primary way to enjoy your images. Digital should complement traditional prints, albums and canvases. iPad's are a great way to show off your photographs to friends and family. But what about 30 years from now, at your child's wedding? Will you still be able to pull out the iPad and show your images? Or will you be able to pass it down so your grandchildren can see your wedding pictures?

For wedding photography you should try to book your photographer about a year before your wedding. I believe that an engagement sessions for vital to have a great wedding. I believe that so much that every wedding I shoot comes with a free engagement session. It's a great way to get to know one another. It's like a dry run for wedding.

For the engagement session: It's a good idea to have a few locations in mind. Pick a place that's special for the both of you. It's a good idea to bring a few different outfits. An open mind and sense of adventure never hurt either.

For maternity sessions it's a good idea to book early in the pregnancy. The best time have the shoot is around 7 months. This should be a family shoot, along with individual shots of the mother. The father and any siblings should to be included. Maybe even the dog or the goldfish? A few outfits for everyone are a good idea. Try to avoid white or black.

Maternity photography is generally divided into 3 types. Fully clothed, partially clothed and nude. It's a good idea to know what you like, but also keep an open mind. Any body type can look beautiful with any of three types of maternity photography. Nudes aren't just for supermodels. They are for everyone.

Newborn: For newborns it's best to book early in your pregnancy. It's a good idea to book your session 2 weeks after your due date. For newborns shoots we are much more flexible in rescheduling. Babies never seem to like to stick to our schedules anyway.

For portraits it's good to book a month or two before. Think about where you like to have your shoot? Is it going to be a typical studio shoot? Or is there a favorite place you like to go out to? Again having a few different outfits is a good idea for everyone.

Boudoir: It's for everyone! Male, Female, old, young, fat, skinny. Who doesn't like to look and feel sexy. An open mind always helps. You can show lots of skin, you can be nude. We can shoot in the studio, at your home, outdoors or just about anyway else you can think of. It's a great idea to have your hair and makeup done. Of course we can have that taken care of as well. It's all about you. It makes a great gift for that special someone.

If your are interested please contact me, so we can meet and discuss your needs. Even if you are just looking for more information, feel free to ask.

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