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Hi I’m Daniel Szajkowski, photographer at Daniel's Photography.ca Inc.

Daniel Szajkowski

I graduated from the commercial photography program at Sheridan collage in Oakville in 2008. After graduating I decided to start this business. We have grown over the last few years. And recently we incorporated our business. (Hence the new name)

I decided to focus my photography mostly on people. People and the major (and sometimes minor) events in their lives that want to remember and share. This type of photography is about mainly about two things, memories and sharing those memories.

One of the biggest memories for many people is their wedding. It’s such an important day for so many people. For you and your partner, your relatives, friends. This is a major life-changing event; you’re going to want to remember it. You are going want to show your children pictures from your wedding.

That brings us to the next big event: Children. Pregnancy pictures are very popular these days. The can (and should) include the father and your children. Once your child is born, it’s a great idea to have pictures taken within 2 weeks of the birth. And again at 3, 6 and 12 months, they just change so much in the first year.

At some point you may also want to have a few family portraits done every few years. Or maybe you like to send out custom Christmas cards each year. Also we are available for any other occasion or event that you may have.

Many years later your child will be graduating from high school. What better gift to give them, then a senior photography session. While senior photography is not nearly as popular in Canada, as in the USA many teens are love the idea.

We are located in Mount Hope (Hamilton) Ontario, Canada. We mainly work in the Toronto – Hamilton – Niagara Falls area, but we are willing to go almost anywhere in the world.

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