(2)For maternity sessions it’s a good idea to book early in the pregnancy. The best time have the shoot is around 7 months. This should be a family shoot, along with individual shots of the mother. The father and any siblings should to be included. Maybe even the dog or the goldfish? A few outfits for everyone are a good idea. Try to avoid white or black.

Maternity photography is generally divided into 3 types. Fully clothed, partially clothed and nude. It’s a good idea to know what you like, but also keep an open mind. Any body type can look beautiful with any of three types of maternity photography. Nudes aren’t just for supermodels. They are for everyone.

Newborn: For newborns it’s best to book early in your pregnancy. It’s a good idea to book your session 2 weeks after your due date. For newborns shoots we are much more flexible in rescheduling. Babies never seem to like to stick to our schedules anyway.